A PSA I posted to Reddit: “Deity work” is not dangerous!

You, yes you, all the way in the back: “Deity work” is not dangerous. This is an insidious lie that damages communities, and actively harms people. …

A PSA I posted to Reddit: “Deity work” is not dangerous!

So firstly, I really enjoyed this post. I think that all too much people feel like the gods are either big and scary and will go out of their way to punish you and cause harm. TikTok and Tumblr and other social media places seem to be constantly running with people who are young and coming out of Christian baggage.

However, I think “working with” and its definition is up for debate here and kind of makes me go “hmm.”

One way to take “working with the gods“, as mentioned in this post, is to say that people see them as tools or vending machines and ways to reach their means to an end.

It’s one thing to choose some random Deity and decide that you’re going to use them for your spell work without any sort of offering or relationship that is built out of time and respect. It’s another thing to say that it’s impossible to have such an intimate relationship with a Deity that such thing is possible.

Yes, it really depends on the context of who the god is. I wouldn’t expect some Deities to have any interest in the lives of humans. There are other pantheons, even, where this is the case. However, the ways in which I’ve known gods like Loki, who inspire a great deal of intimacy with His followers and who also has never seemed to work well with formalities, He has made it known that saying anything else would be an insult to our relationship.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve tried. I’ve done everything I could think of to try to have some semblance of formality but I couldn’t reject my intuition that Loki wouldn’t have any of it. If anything, any time I tried to force this strain on the relationship, I didn’t get anywhere in my path.

However, do I see Loki as my equal in power dynamic? No. Absolutely not. I’m well aware of His power. He is ancient. He is old. He’s taken me through the wringer more times than I can count.

I just think that it’s really important to note the individuality of each of the gods. Just because you know your pantheon and tradition doesn’t mean you should know exactly what they expect from you.

Do I think everyone should follow esoteric practices? No. But I do think that it’s important to at least seek the kind of relationship each Deity wants before making the assertion that they want only a worshipper and deity dynamic. Norse gods, as a rule, welcome themselves as family if you allow them to be.

I realize this is mentioned at the end of the post – it depends.

I’m also really glad someone put words to what I was thinking for a very long time.

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