No, Spirit Workers aren’t Special

So, I’m getting really tired of this whole “spirit workers are special and live hard lives because the spirits/deities/etc wanted them to and they had no choice.”

This is super problematic and not always true.

Yes, some people have stronger intuitive capabilities than others. Intuitive processes are a natural human process that comes from being able to pick up on certain cues from our brain, our feelings, our past experiences and combine them to make sense of what is going on past the surface level of things. This requires a person to be both apt at logic but also emotion and sometimes they don’t exactly collide.

We all experience this differently. Sometimes it’s through more concrete experiences like divination or omens or what have you and sometimes it’s more ethereal. Sometimes it’s both.

Everyone is capable of stepping into their intuitive processes. Everyone is capable of communing with the deities if they are open to it. However, unfortunately, not everyone is up for doing the work. And that is neither a good nor a bad thing – and it’s not because some people are “born” for it or not. It’s a matter of calling. Not because someone is more “special” than another.

What differentiates a spirit worker from others most of the time is literally the fact that they agreed to do this work for others. It’s not because they are better. It isn’t because they are somehow superhuman. It’s because they consciously now elect to serve others, be it physical or non physical.

If you decide to walk this spiral path with the spirits but Deities especially, it’s not supposed to be easy.

As Loki has kindly reminded me time and time again, “if it were easy, everyone would be doing this.”

Firstly, if you’re placing your ego at the forefront of anything you do, you will find yourself very quickly out of a “job” and stuck. This is true for anyone who wishes to dig deeper into a spiritual path. You cannot both serve your ego and serve yourself. It cannot be done. If you find that you need to feel “special” to do this work, you’re not going to have a good time. If you think you have to be born to do it, that the gods chose you and only you, that there are only a few people who could ever truly do it – it will be short lived and it will not be fun when you inevitably crash and burn.

In this exponentially growing community of pagans, the gods call more and more people to service than ever before. It isn’t because they’re being born for it but because it’s on everyone’s radar and the gods find it necessary to have people serving the growing population. We have few and far between teachers and leaders that are remotely beneficial or have done their own chunk of work that they don’t put themselves on that pedestal.

Let’s look at Kaldera and the rest of his gang. This is a case where UPG becomes problematic and abusive because the person saying it feels that they are somehow so well above the rest of the people that the UPG is then turned into gospel which makes cult behavior and abuse tactics the name of the game.

Secondly, it’s not the most lucrative job on the planet. I’d really have loved to feel pleased in a 9-5 job like any other but now that I’ve seen the other side of the curtain, my life cannot go back there. However, we don’t live in a society where our holistic health is valued – holistic meaning spiritual, mental, as well as physical. Like many things that seem to make people sway from the capitalistic cog machine, it certainly doesn’t help that people suddenly become self realized and actualized, wake up, and quit their job because their boss employs manipulation tactics to keep them in line. That simply wouldn’t do. So spiritual jobs are essentially unheard of and it is still a thankless job when you become a counselor.

Thirdly, as I said before, seeing the other side of the curtain is permanent change. The amount of love I feel for my Deity is an all-consuming and powerful. Sometimes I forget where I stand in this and it takes a certain clue by four by Loki for me to remember that there often will be few things that make me feel as fulfilled as serving his community – which is incredibly difficult and emotional and also vulnerable.

The point being

I’m sick of this toxic trend that was started by Kaldera and Krasskova and their gang of “northern tradition” practitioners and seems to apparently continue into the spirit work field.

It becomes an “edgier than thou” competition and “how much trauma have you been dealt” debate and for anyone who even wants to approach these roles, they are distorted and twisted and completely unapproachable because they somehow think they need to be on a pedestal to do them.

Everyone is capable of serving their community and talking to their gods, of communing, using divination, coming into your own power. It isn’t a spirit worker’s job to do it for them. It’s to give them the tools to help them come into themselves, to mentor them, to be the best example of themselves they can be. So let’s do that and stop making it a pissing contest.

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